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Suzanne Burge-Taylor
Founder, CEO Hype Digital Inc.
Hype Digital delivers social marketing and advertising for the discovery of new music, conversion of  streams and sale of products.   Our unique fan targeted campaigns help  businesses to increase their brand impressions, engagement and revenue.
Fueled by human passion under the leadership of Founder Suzanne Burge-Taylor, Hype Digital Inc. a female-minority led business which specializing in creating unique activations, social marketing and digital advertising campaigns for people, products, content and experiences.
Why are we special?  We're focused on the big picture, our clients digital footprint and ability to connect with fans where they live.   We're methodical about Hype Digital Inc.'s client experiences in developing social engagements and monetizing commercial content, and products. 
Our team's work is literally our 'lives work' in consumer marketing thru the most challenging yet impactful representations of diversity over the last twenty years throughout America.
Today we're deep into our 'digital growth' business to help brands pivot from physical to digital interactions. Hype Digital Inc. curates each client's marketing initiatives to attract consumer engagement for brand growth and bottom-line revenue generation.

2009 featured Social Media Speaker at Dialogkonferensen Stromstad, Sweden. 

2016 featured Music Tech SongSplits copyright App at Music Biz Conference in Nashville.


Served up over 350+ digital paid advertising campaigns (since 2016) with millions of consumer impressions and content click-thrus across multiple platforms. 

Hype Digital Inc. is hyped about our future in the development of new content and technologies. It takes authentic conversations to build upon combined resources and community to resonate a brand's voice around the globe.


Suzanne is a proud alumni of Columbia College Chicago (B.A. Marketing Communications) and is dedicated to diverse innovation opportunities in digital branding and advertising to drive the economy.  


We are always open to establishing new partnerships to enhance our entrepreneurial foundation in technology. 

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